Amateur photographer needed

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Amateur Photographer. This site uses cookies. By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Learn More. How do you get your first job as a photographer? Sep 11, Can anyone tell me how an amateur photograher can sell his pictures or get a job as a photographer? I have never worked as a photographer and have never had any pictures published so how do I gain experience and recognition that will help me to get a job in photography? Sep 22, Assuming that you are serious about this and that you are already a competent photographer, you could make a start at selling your pictures on a freelance basis by ing the Bureau of Freelance Photographers.

The Bureau publishes a monthly newsletter for its members and the yearly Freelance Photographers' Handbook - a treasure trove Amateur photographer needed information on markets for the budding freelance.

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They sometimes offer 'free' 3-month trial memberships. As for getting an actual 'job' in photography, this depends on your age, abilities, qualifications and experience - and where you live. But don't expect to Magnum - at Amateur photographer needed, not straightaway! Best of luck. So i moved nearer to a city and decided to become an assitant after making over phone calls still nobody was interested.

Obviously theres no substitude for orignal and excellent photographs, but no matter how good you are you have to have contacts to start. Oct 29, Hi Peter - How are you getting on? After those words of wisdom proferred by perkeo and Raz I'm wondering whether you've managed to 'break into the market' yet!

Not easy Re: nikpiks I have started building up better portfolio pictures. I have included on my CV the fact that I am a practising photographer and have already, by chance, got an offer from a small furniture company to do the photography for their brochure. Through a contact of my father's, an italien photographer, I have been offered a chance to work and train as an asistant with an American photographer who was a student of Ansel Adams. He works in Italy so I would have to learn Italian first but I think it is worth it.

He works for the Alinari, a photo archive in Florence. This is reputed to be the oldest photo archive in the world. I have a question about an organisation IFPO, www.

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Is this a recognised organisation and is it worth my while ing them? Thanks for the advice. Oct 30, Re: nikpiks Sounds like you're off to a flying start, Peter. Hope things work out well for you. Nov 14, Hello Amateur photographer needed I was going to ask the exact question you posted on the forum!!! I wonder if you might be able to me the replies you have received I would be most grateful. Thank you James McQuaid james. Nov 18, One thing that has not been mentioned, if you are going to be self employed take a course in business management, you have to know how to sell yourself and manage your finances.

Dec 6, Peter, The and variety of different jobs in photography is enormous. You don't state your experience or interests but with a reasonable portfolio and the right attitude enthusiasm, willingness to learn, good presentation etc you might be successful. If you live in or near London or a major city you could consider offering your services as an assistant. If you're prepared to work for nothing for the experience it would help.

The Association of Photographers offer a bulletin board service for this. Would they consider taking you on as a part time unpaid assistant for a while?

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There are lo of opportunities in the provinces to work in photography - the police, hospitals, museums, the ministry of defence are among the organisations who employ photographers. There's also a constant demand for photographers on cruiseships which I can personally recommend, though like some of these other jobs you'll need a formal qualification. Perhaps your first course of action, if you don't have one, is to enroll on an evening class, short course or full time course to get one.

As for freelancing, to have any joy in this field you need to be confident of your abilities, have some knowledge of the market and, as another correspondent said, have some business skills. Perhaps this is something to think about for the future.

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In the meantime Amateur Photographer will be focusing on the subject of earning some income from photography though not Amateur photographer needed in a full-time capacity early next yer, so keep a look out for it. I hope this answers some of your questions.

Nigel PS: You could start by submitting some of your pictures to AP's Reader Portfolio slot, which may at least get you a tear-sheet of published work. Louise likes this. Sep 25, Hang on, the bloke who posted this must be coming up for retirement. Where's Phiggy??? Sep 30, Dear Nick, In all fairness it was quite useful, by spam standards. But then, what do we hard lefties know about anything? Cheers, R. I have tried variouse photography courses at college, one lecturer rang me up to ask why I wanted to be on the course, then never rang me back.

Others are well expensive so I can't afford it. We have some real pedants here. They just love misplaced apostrophe' s.

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May 24, I wonder how Peter Cahill is getting on now, 17 years after originally posting No website up that I can find. Didn't work out I s'pose. Started a. Show Ignored Content. Share This Tweet.

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Amateur photographer needed

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