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I am a married, middle-aged man that has never had any sexual experiences with men before. For some unknown reason, I began having these thoughts and fantasies about what it would be like to suck a guy 's cock. After many months of thinking of this fantasy while masturbating, I began looking at gay web sites and on-lines personals involving men. To make a long story short, I found a personal ad from a straight guy who was looking for men who would suck his dick. I must have looked at that ad for three months before I got enough courage to respond.

Once I made contact with the guy, he told me that he was married too.

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His sex life with his wife had fizzled long ago and he was looking for some action. He loved getting blow jobs and started looking for guys to service him. He thought it was not cheating on his wife if another guy sucked him. Go figure! After much discussion, we finally made a date to get together. He drove to my place. When I answered the door, I was looking at a very average pot belled middle aged man. I let him in and we exchanged greetings. With little small talk, he went into the bathroom to wash up and undress.

While he was in there, I stripped off all of my clothes.

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All the while, my mind was racing. There is a total stranger in my bathroom that will emerge naked that is expecting me to suck his dick! What if I can't bring my self to do it? What will I do? My heart was pounding in my chest! Finally, he emerged.

Completely nude as I had expected. His dick was half-hard, dangling in front of him as he walked.

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His balls were big and shaved smooth. I motioned to a big chair and suggested that he have a seat in it. He sat down in the chair and spread his legs apart. I nervously knelt down on my knees between his legs. He was very reassuring and said, "That's OK, just take your time, go slow. I looked down to gaze at this man's dick and balls right in front of me! I reached out with my hand and began to rub his cock and balls. I was just running my hand over them I rubbed him for a while and then glanced up into his face.

I could see the anticipation on his face. His cock was erect as I stroked it. Strangely, I was beginning to feel at ease. So, I lowered my head bewteen his legs and guided the head of his cock to my lips! I opened my mouth and let his dick slide past my lips and in. I wrapped my lips around his dickhead and began to suck it. Slowly at firstjust getting the feel and tasted of it. It tasted so good! I moved my head up and down his shaft, taking more and more of it as my confidence grew.

After a while, I moved to his balls. I began to lick them and suck them. He moaned as I sucked on his balls.

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I used big long licks, starting at the base of his balls and moving up to the shaft of his cock. He really enjoyed it. I moved from his balls to his cock, taking turns sucking on each. He did not say much during the bj, except at one point he said, "You really like those balls, don't you! I tried and succeeded in sliding his cock down my throat. I had practiced on a dildo before, so I was familiar with the feeling. Having a real cock down your throat was a lot more exciting! I could taste his precum as his dickhead slid into and out of my throat. He said, "You sure you never did this before?

I knew I was turning him on for sure. After a while got up out of the chair and stood in front of me. It was a real turn-on to have a naked guy with a hard-on in front of me like that. Especially with me being naked and on my knees in front of him. Without saying a word, he took his dick in his hand and put is other hand behind my head.

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He gently pulled me toward him as he guided his prick to my mouth. He inserted his cock into my mouth and grasped my head with both of his hands. He held my head still in his hands as he began to rotate his hips forward and back. Slowly, he fucked me in the mouth! It was a major turn-on. He moaned as he humped my mouth with his hard dick. I kept my lips wrapped around his dick as tight as I could. His dick went from my lips to the back of my throat with each thrust.

Having his fill, he once again sat down in the chair. I went down on him again and began to suck his cock vigorously. I could tell Bicurious looking to exchange bjs was very excited. His breath was quick and he began to twitch as I sucked his dick. Once again, he grabbed my head in his hands and guided me up and down his dick. I felt him begin to tense up as he sat forward in the chair, holding me tight. With his cock firmly planted in my mouth, he began to come.

I felt the first spasm of his jism splash against the back of my throat. Then another and another. All the while he held my head firmly in his hands. He difinitely wanted to make sure that I took his entire load of cum into my mouth! Motionless, I waited as he drained his manhood into my mouth.

After a few moments, his spasms subsided. I had a mouthful of his cum! Still holding my head in his hands I swallowed his ejaculate. I loved every bit of it. It was very satisfiying to have a belly full of another man's come. After he was sure that I had swallowed his cum, he released his grasp and sat back in the chair and just cooed for a while. I sense of compete contentment on his face. I really enjoyed giving head to another guy. I loved being on my knees, naked and with a mouthfull of dick. Sucking his balls was fun too. But most of all, I could not get over how much I enjoyed drinking his semen.

Having his warm cum in my mouth, tasting it and swallowing it was a major turn-on. It seemed completly natural to suck another man's dick and drink his cum. I have had one addional encounter with this person. We got together at his place and I went down on him. I really enjoyed giving him the blow job, but the reason I went back was for the jism.

I wanted another mouth full of the warm milk from a guy's balls. In a perfect world, I would be sucking a lot of cock! Well, at least I had the chance to fulfill a fantasy. I am really glad I did it!!

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Bicurious looking to exchange bjs

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