Bored house wifes

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The concept of the five love languages has been popularized as a common way of describing how someone wants to love or wants to be loved. The point is learning how to love your partner better so that you can act according to that love language. If their love language is receiving gifts, you get them anything that reminds you of them.

Explicitly talk about your love languages so you can get on the same about how to make each other feel loved. Smartphones are amazing inventions. They can do so much now that no one could even dream of them doing 30 years ago.

Our revealing new quiz will help you discover your hidden superpower and unlock your greatest gifts in life. Bored house wifes it out here. She could be on the phone all the time for several reasons. You can use this sweet relief from the sometimes toxic world of social media to spend more quality time with each other and actually talk instead of just respectively being on your phones in the same room with the TV on.

Quality time is an important ingredient in the relationship cake and the cake is going to fall flat if you forget about it entirely. Be intentional about setting aside time for each other. One way you can do this is to establish a day of the week for date night and stick to that date no matter what. If you do set a specific day for date Bored house wifes, it can be frustrating if she never wants to do anything fun for those precious few hours.

Instead, encourage something new that both of you are interested in. Maybe you could take a class together, something scheduled that makes it a regular thing. You could pick up a new hobby together. Just try something new and do your best to coax her out of her comfort zone. The truth is that when you get married, you tend to stop working on yourself individually and start focusing on growing as a couple. She might be boring because she stopped exploring who she is, so she has no experiences of her own to talk about anymore.

What you can do about it is encourage her to engage in new projects and leave her comfort zone. Maybe she could also spend more time with her friends, whether that means making new ones or reaching out to old ones. Something important to remember is that she could get bored with you, so she spends her time with other people.

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Open up to her about wanting more time with her to work on your relationship; if you do get that time together, make sure you make it count. Doing this not only gives you much more to talk about.

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One reason you feel that your wife is boring is realizing that your sex life is either non-existent or something you could fall asleep doing. The passion you felt for each other at the start of your relationship is bound to wear off over time because you get comfortable with each other and your relationship as friends gets important too to keep the marriage together. Although you and your wife might not be having outright conflict, the children might be overshadowing your relationship nonetheless. Of course, that never means your kids are the problem. It just means that you have to work on balancing your life as a couple with your Bored house wifes as a parent.

Things can get boring at home if you find yourself with nothing to do anymore now that your children have gone. To keep your wife focused on something else, have more shared goals as a couple. Now that your responsibilities as parents have lessened, you have time to work towards something new. Work on a new project together, get better at a hobby, start a small business — there are countless ways to keep busy with your newfound freedom and you might find that your wife gets more interesting as the two of you have something to work for towards together. Catch up on all of the things that you missed doing.

An empty nest can be a good thing for your relationship if you let it be.

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In this case, she needs to balance being a working woman and being your wife because she has responsibility for both roles. Just open up about it and see if anything can be done. See if you can be of any help, too. Maybe you could lessen the things she needs to do at home so that when she does get home, she has more time to spend with you. If one of these things is running the house, you could give her more time to spend with you by helping out more and freeing up her time. If you have kids, get them to help with chores which also Bored house wifes teach them discipline and independence. But go easy on her too.

Are you being the boring one by not exploring her hobbies more? Cassandra LeClair, Ph. To know absolutely everything there is to know about a person takes time — and especially if your marriage is new — you might still have a lot to learn about her.

This happens because you might not have a lot to talk about anymore because of how much you see each other or you think you know everything about each other now. Who knows?

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In relationships, each partner is in constant transformation. She may be a different kind of interesting now with new hobbies and interests that you might not know about.

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There will be rough patches and there will be boring patches and you — as her husband who committed to this relationship — have to accept that. Men have an instinct to protect the people they care about called the hero instinct. Conflict and arguments are usually seen as something unhealthy and something to avoid at all costs. People say fighting too much is the source of their relationship problems. Constant arguing is unhealthy but so is constant compromising. I've ridden the rails, gone off track and lost my train of thought.

I'm writing for Ideapod to try and find it again. Hope you enjoy the journey with me.

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Search Search for: Search. Have you noticed recently that nothing exciting is going on in your marriage? Here are 24 reasons why you think your wife is boring and what you can do about it. You might be wondering how this factors into your wife being boring. It can get addicting, right?

Bored house wifes

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