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I often make this drive to get from Columbia to Kansas City and take the time to ruminate on my life. Sometimes, a car passes me, and I look over, curious about whether that driver is also lost in thought about his or her own life: regrets, work deadlines, past loves. Two anonymous lives, strangers confined within our cars, passing by on the interstate.

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From the outside, the building looks like a small warehouse with pink walls. One semi-truck and a few cars are parked in the lot. I walk inside through a small, empty entryway. One door le to Columbia stripper sex shop with aisles of porn.

Another door opens to the strip club. Before I walk inside the club, a second door opens. A short man with a ponytail, whom I recognize as the bartender, welcomes me inside. The establishment refuses to reveal true identities. Secrets dwell here. He recognizes me, too, and informs me that though I am a reporter, I am not welcome to take notes or recordings. The bartender offers me a drink — non-alcoholic, as Missouri strip clubs are banned by law from serving booze. The dancer is wearing lacy pink underwear, a matching bra and a long necklace that hangs between her breasts.

Five men sit around the stage where she dances.

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One is a middle-aged man who stares as if he could burn himself into her body, as if she just might secretly know the answers to all of his problems. The dancer shimmies off her bra, and her breasts are fully exposed. She leans down to the first man and pulls his head to her chest. She giggles, turns to the next man, pulls him from his seat and spanks him. The men throw bills onto stage. The dancer controls their attention. They control her income.

She slips off her boyshorts, but underneath, she wears a black thong. The same law that bans alcohol also prohibits fully nude dancers. Six years ago, the state legislature passed a law imposing several restrictions to sexually oriented businesses, including strip clubs. It also requires strip clubs to close from midnight to 6 a.

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The dancer wears heels, a thong and a necklace. Representatives from the Missouri State Highway Patrol and state and local divisions of the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services could not answer my questions.

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And for them, an escape. I watch the dancer lean down and speak to an older man. She is a savior of sorts. Edit Close. Toggle. Don't have an ? Up Today. Advertise. Museum of Art and Archaeology moves. MU's campus is about to get a little more culture. Recent Articles. Find the perfect snack to spice up your summer. Quiz: What dish should you bring to your Fourth of July celebration?

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Louis brewmaster brings his skills to Waves Cider Co. Quarantine and the silver screen. How local theaters are adapting to lifted restrictions Quarantine and the silver screen Five hot books for a scorching summer Vox's ultimate guide to getting a tattoo in Columbia Local ballerinos find inclusion in Missouri Contemporary Ballet.

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Columbia stripper sex

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Roland Corning, SC State Attorney, Caught with Stripper, Viagra and Sex Toys at Cemetery, Say Cops