Dirty old man wants to play

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It is also a time-honored tradition that we ignore the fact some of those songs are being sung by adults to teenagers. Jerry Lee in particular would make this point abundantly clear. Or worse, he numbed her resistance to his middle-aged charms. When Mike Patton ed Faith No More inthe band had already written and recorded the music for their next album.

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With only a month to write lyrics and record his vocals, Patton expedited the process by treating each song as a character study. Befitting an album that would inspire the '00s emo movement, this song could be considered the most benign on this list, as the narrator only has what Jimmy Carter referred to as lust in his heart.

I think it would be wrong. For the most part, the song sounds like an innocuous declaration of passion, except for that unnerving opening and ending where he asks if he can come home with her. This is another entry that might skirt close to reality, as Gordon Sumner, better known as Sting, did spend some time as an English teacher before his band took off. This is the one case here, though, where the adult is trying to resist temptation from a Lolita-like schoolgirl with a crush. Either way, just the sight of her is enough to leave him a libidinous mess.

Lemmy Kilmister is not a man to mince words. I might even be your daddy. Whip me, spank me, grab me! No other songwriter in recent years has managed to find empathy for scoundrels and reprobates better than Patterson Hood. Serge Gainsbourg may be the only person on this list who could be considered a professional dirty old man. It takes a special kind of lady to make Lemmy Kilmister seem tactful and Serge Gainsbourg restrained.

But Kate Bush is nothing if not a special kind of lady. On this track from her first No. You know how to work me. Let go, let go. Is our list of dirty-old-man jams missing your pervy fave? Tell us about it below -- just don't use your real name!

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Dirty old man wants to play

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10 Songs About Dirty Old Men (And One Woman)