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Despite its location in the nether regions of Camp Bowie West, despite its boxy, cherrywood exterior, despite the line of hogs parked outside and their leather-clad, tattooed riders, 4 Horse Saloon is actually an inviting and fun place to hang out sans bike. During happy hour 11 a. Sometimes two-handy. Good service from a bartender has to walk a fine line between solicitous and hands-off.

Smith is one of the friendliest, sharpest bartenders in town. Working the door at any club takes a lot of patience. There is a lot of boredom, often broken up only by bad bands and dumb. Although the wine list is not comprehensive, it offers many delicious selections of Italian reds and California whites.

If only it stayed open past 10 p. Gay Bar. This small Latino gay bar has continued to improve and redecorate over the past few years while avoiding much scrutiny from police — at least for now. But the bartenders know your name and remember your drink, and the prices are more than reasonable. Ever have one of those days you can salvage only with a cocktail in a dimly lit dive?

Or do you just like cocktails? The Fort Worth cyber chat dance are as nice as the drinks are cheap. If you need a good idea for a dull afternoon, drop in and say hello. The absence of live music and loudmouths encourages mellowness. The Mule has been around since the Paleolithic era and has the charming bar scars to prove it.

Though full of regulars, the Westside haunt also attracts its share of new faces. Think of it as a citywide college bar but for adults. The drink also is strong enough to let you know that your frosty mug is full of plenty of tequila not the fancy stuff but serviceable. Yes, even Sundays. And using saddles as barstools is pure Fort Worth. Nontraditional Margarita. As most drinkers know and every drinker learns, your libations need a couch on which to linger while they work their magic — otherwise, their magic can get out of hand and bring you to your knees at a porcelain altar.

In other words, you need to eat something before you get down to business. Its 3 a. Two menacing stuffed bears greet you as you walk into this bar off I in north Fort Worth. Eat your heart out, JerryWorld. This laid-back patio-tastic haunt in the West 7th corridor is paradise to single dudes and dudettes. Frogs, most of whom are obviously old enough to party but not old — or ready — enough to get all monogamous.

Recent TCU alums can also be found a-prowl here. Adventurous drinkers, though, are in the pink here. Plus you can get burgers and nachos. Is this place a bar or an art gallery in Hades? And beauty?! And, OK, sports?

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The best part: The talk is nowhere near as cheap as the beer on a regular basis. But what make this club stand out are the entertainers. This eclectic juke also boasts contemporary hipsters such as Amy Winehouse, Sublime, and Weezer. Bartender J. Ahhhh, perfection. Nick Charles can rest in peace.

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Co-owners David Govea and his nephew Ryan have done a bit of market research throughout the area. Whether you prefer hopscotch or washers, want a burger or just a beer, the new Love Shack near Trinity Park can accommodate. The bar has both indoor and outdoor seating, with misters and umbrellas outdoors to keep the heat at bay.

Live music occasionally graces the stage at a comfortable listening volume. For a brand new, fenced-in spot in a new development, Love Shack So7 assures us that Fort Worth will remain casual, comfortable, and fun. Good spot and worth the long drive from downtown to the end of Camp Bowie.

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Band Name. Recently named one of the best barbecue ts in the country by Playboy.

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Award-winning BBQ and beer cold enough to give you frostbite? Could there be anything more wonderfully Texan? The three-acre megaplex anchoring both nighttime and daytime activities in the Stockyards includes a real bull-riding arena and 30 bar stations. Keep an eye on the small stage. Three decades ago, George Strait fronted the house band there. Multi-instrumentalist Scott Vernon hosts this weekly get-together, which attracts hippies, punks, and other assorted beatnik types. The Grotto recently retooled the sound system and livened up the stage with red curtains.

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The bar has such an inherently mellow vibe, just about any guest picker will feel comfortable. Maybe the best part? The Weatherford College student is part of a winning team. No cash prizes. No American Idol rejects trying to upstage everyone.

The year-old Cohen rarely tours, but he came skipping — literally skipping — onto the Nokia stage and sang for two hours with warmth and conviction, even dropping to his knees several times, bowing after songs, tipping his hat, and proving that an old poet, songwriter, and Buddhist monk can still electrify 3, Texans on a Friday night. Rock Star. Pate is a paragon of musical taste. He always seems to play whatever is appropriate, adding depth and layers of sound on one song and taking over the next.

Stella Rose and The Burning Hotels are just two premier local bands that have recorded there. A curious mix of hipsters in training Fort Worth cyber chat dance blue-collar types haunts the lounge named after — and evidently inspired by — the guy who allegedly! For some reason, happy hour pit-stops at the Haven almost always turn into all-nighters. Perhaps the crack bartenders are to blame.

Or the internet juke that always seems to be waiting for your dollars and yours alone. Or the rooftop patio that seems to attract friends and acquaintances like moths to light. Whatever the case, be leery of the Haven. Place to Meet Someone of the Same Sex. The place is positively crawling with heteros. The distance from entrance to bar counter is about the length of two football fields. Wanna get rowdy and rock out to the juke?

Sprint on up to the bar. Stay by the front entrance. Either way, you score. Rose thinks big, talks big, and plays his drums biggest of all. First, where not to do it. Doing it while hunting has its obvious drawbacks. We prefer an outdoor area filled with distractions and lacking firearms. So the Fort Worth Zoo makes the cut. We suggest you do it in front of the chimpanzees.

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Their comic relief will keep any hard feelings to a minimum. Place to Eavesdrop. Finding brilliant paintings by early Fort Worth artists and getting them at a fair price often depends on finding the source, either through relatives, estates, friends, or dealers, and preferably before the art finds its way to a gallery. This veteran Cuban-themed SoDo club is gorgeous in a dark, Latin-gothic way. Your date will appreciate your keen eye for style and non-mainstream tastes.

Ply him or her with a couple-a those mojitos, and, who knows, you might end up doing the Horizontal Mambo. But the luckiest patrons stumble onto a certain camper who makes a killer Bloody Mary drink. This friendly fellow shows up every year, creates a bar at his campsite, and specializes in a Bloody Mary with a potent level of vodka along with cheese, celery, olives, cherry tomatoes, and other items of fresh produce crammed into the glass.

Finding this guy at 8 a. Cue lockers are also available. Save my name,and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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Fort Worth cyber chat dance

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