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Here are a selection of some of the most recent messages of thanks we have received from members of the public who want to express their gratitude to Nottinghamshire Police. Nicola went completely out of her way to make sure I was safe when my car broke down in the night on the A1. I was amazed at how helpful and caring she was.

The world needs more people like this!

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Thank you so much! I am so grateful.

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I was terrified when my car broke down at night on such a busy road and I was made to feel so safe. Thank you so much. Thank you from all of my family for your swift, prompt and professional response. Jake came to help when my front their blew out on the A rememberence way,on a bend just before Clifton grove roundabout. He placed his car a small distance from mine. He came to make sure we were safe and were alright. Then he put the cones and age out the again he checked it we were alright. He stayed with me right up until the RAC came and sorted the other out.

He then made sure I was ok before setting off to get a new tyre. I would also like to say the device was great even the officer in the control room had a calming voice and put me at ease. Jake is a credit to the Nottingham Police Force. Thank You Jake. This officer helped by listening to my concerns about someone taking a wallet out of our entrance, explaining to me what he would do by speaking to neighbours and looking at cctv footage.

He asked about any s of entry, explained about measures we should put in place in a kind and supportive way, and all when I said my husband had Covid but still came out to talk to me on the doostep. He said for me to put it on a community Facebook to see if anyone in gardens may have seen something suspicious as I suggested that to him as our Community group works well. I was very impressed by the professionalism and humanism this officer showed. An officer helped, advised with harassment from neighbours.

He was professional, caring, understanding and showed empathy in helping us. He provided support at a very high level and explained procedures when dealing with this type of issue. He was very thorough and Free Calverton encounter chat not have any issues with any questions which we asked.

He helped and advised us. Thank you, you are a refreshing addition to the Constabulary and nothing was too much trouble. My car tyre burst. I had to pull off the road and was really stressed, but then Police came and helped me, it was really great. I instantly feelt that I was in safe hands. Unfortunately, I don't know the name of the police officer but I'm very happy he helped me. I'm Polish and I'm sorry for my Free Calverton encounter chat mistakes but I hope you understand what I'm trying to convey.

Having had my bicycle stolen in the the town on Saturday 19th JuneI reported it on Monday at the station 21st of June, the desk officer did everything as expected but in these times I didn't hold any hope to be re-united with my bike, due to the dudiligence of both the public and the proffressionalism of the officer concerned the perpetrator was apprehended and my cycle was found.

I met PC Natalie at the station and she was most helpful in helping me claim back my bike. This experience goes a long way to show that our emergency services have the public interests at heart in a very difficult world. What appeared to be a petty crime, I cannot speak highly enough of their professionalism, many thanks. Our horsebox broke down in a live lane on the A1. The arrival of officer Gear was such a help and he was so calm and kind throughout the 90 minutes it took for the recovery horsebox and truck to arrive. He may say he was just doing his job, but for us he made a very stressful situation, during which we were aware of the chaos we were causing other road users, a lot less stressful.

Thank you! I rang at I was extremely distressed die to a situation I was dealing with, Leanne made me feel a lot more confident with the situation and gave me great advice, she was very understanding and very helpful. I want to thank her for her patience and understanding Leanne was amazing!! Thank you for your understanding and patience during a distressing timeyou made me more comfortable and you are credit to the force. I rang to register my concerns regarding my brother in law who I had been unable to contact for a while.

The lady who took my initial call was brilliant, listened attentively and told me exactly what she was going to do next. Later in the evening, I was contacted by an officer who explained that they had phoned around hospitals and that there was no trace of him and they were going to force entry.

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Soon after I received another call asking me to attend the property where sadly they had found my brother in law's body. One officer took me inside to identify the body whilst another stayed with my wife. They were both absolute professionals, efficient but caring and sympathetic. They kept me fully informed at all stages of the incident and delivered exactly what they said they were going to do. A sincere Thank You - from beginning to end my situation was handled quickly, accurately, efficiently and with a great deal of compassion.

The officers must also have been very upset at what they had just seen but they didn't show it. They are all a great credit to the police force. I had to make a phonecall from Australia to enquire about my Uncle's welfare on behalf of my Father who is also lives in Australia. My father who is elderly hadn't heard from his brother who by the way is the last surviving brother or sister that my Father has for the last 6 weeks and was panicking.

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Michael, the police officer who was helping me was absolutely amazing and went above and beyond of what i was expecting. My husband is also a police officer mounted police in Adelaide our home town, so I totally understand the pressure and lack of appreciation from the general public.

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So, please pass on my gratitude to Michael, and tell him what an absolute pleasure it was to speak with him, and for the amazing help he gave me. Officers arrived within 30 minutes of me reporting burglary. Forensic Officer was thorough as was the police officer who arrived shortly afterwards, also visiting and questioning neighbours. I and my son had been involved in a high speed collision with a deer on the south bound A1.

This left my vehicle damaged and in a precarious position as well as the body of the deer in the main carriageway. After great help from the Police control room in pinpointing our position your unit containing PC Bloomfield and his colleague I apologise for not noting his duly arrived and secured us, and my vehicle, protecting us from the traffic. They were both courteous and help throughout and arranged safe removal of our vehicle. They then helped greatly by taking us to a point where we could safely make arrangements for our onward journey.

In this day and age where the media only see fit to Free Calverton encounter chat the Police I feel it is only right that praise is also given when you receive excellent service. My partner had just passed away at home after a long illness. Obviously, protocols have to be followed.

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They were helpful and supportive, and I'd like everyone else to know about them. Good as gold, many thanks. You know who you are. I phoned to report 3 dogs roaming around Warwick Brewery. The people I spoke to on the phone were very friendly and helpful. Later I watched the dog team after they had found the dogs, they were fantastic.

I would like to thank you for your help and the compassion shown to the dogs. Thank you so much for attending my accident, taking witness statements and taking my bike, helmet and other items to Ollerton Police Station. I feel very fortunate to be alive. Many thanks for the cycle safety campaigning!

It is a very important and thumbs up for taking it all the way up to the top of priorities! Much appreciated! Well done! PC Carter was the responding officer to a domestic violence issue. He has supported me throughout the hole process from Free Calverton encounter chat statement right through to getting a court date. Hes been a fantastic support, dealing with my queries quickly and efficiently and always keeping me in the loop and updating me every step of the way.

I cannot thank him enough for making a very distressing situation much easier and ensuring I feel safe. All around top bloke! I would like to take this opportunity to express my appreciation to the service, attitude and professionalism of PC Dewan-Williams. This is the first time I have been a victim of a crime or had any contact with the police, and can imagine the police receiving lots of calls for similar crimes, however I was treated as an individual and at no stage did I feel the matter was not being taken seriously or that the the officer had become complacent.

I appreciate the officers time and diligence and he is a credit to The Nottinghamshire Police Force.

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I consider myself fortunate that I receive such quality service and I would hope others in a similar position would receive the same. Could you please pass on my appreciation to the officer and hope that his work is recognised. Its effective officers like him, that make a difference to a community. Waking up today and watching the news about the way the MET police dealt with the vigil last night has just reinforced for me how grateful I am for Nottingham and Nottinghamshire police force.

I am so thankful to live in an area with a police force who not only work really hard to protect us all but have a real empathy and understanding of the local views and emotion.

Free Calverton encounter chat

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