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We'll process your refund in under 24 hours. All rentals booked with us can be cancelled up until 48 hours before you collect the vehicle. All car hire brands on our website are following local government guidelines re vehicle sterilisation and social distancing at the collection desk. We compare deals on a wide selection of vehicle makes and models. Looking to hire a car that's a bit special when you are in Bad Homburg Germany?

Transporting a lot of luggage? Want to take quite a lot of stuff with you but not quite enough to justify a van? Maybe one of our estate cars will meet your requirements. We compare estate car deals from all of the brands you can trust in Bad Homburg Germany. Is your trip with more than 5 people? Our website compares a large variety of people carriers available in Bad Homburg Germany that can comfortably transport 7 or 8 passengers.

For more than 8 passengers or for 8 passengers plus a lot of luggage we suggest having a look at our range of rental minibuses. You'll have received car rental pick up location details with your booking confirmation. Spend some time to understand how to get to the car hire pick up location before you set off.

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Beside the exterior, you should also spend time documenting any damage to the inside of the vehicle and informing the vehicle rental provider prior to starting your trip. Spending a little time to photograph and report any issues, whether internal or external, will help to prevent any issues with the vehicle hire provider when you return the vehicle. If you've purchased Premium excess cover on the web site or have a different policy, we recommend to make some time to inspect the vehicle for damage. We advise taking photographs on your phone of each part of the vehicle.

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If there is damage on the vehicle that is not highlighted in your hire agreement you must report this to the car rental provider. There could be extra fees for border crossing etc so make sure you understand these. You should check alloy wheels and locks for issues as well. These are easy to miss if you are in a rush to start your journey. Be sure to double check the fuel type for the car and inspect which side of the vehicle the filler cap is on.

All the cars displayed on the web site include a full to full fuel policy. You should ensure that the fuel tank is full prior to setting off. Before commencing your trip spend some time to get used to the car and its controls.

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This is very important if you normally drive a manual transmission on the other side of the road. If you are given a parking or speeding fine when driving in Germany Bad Homburg the vehicle hire provider might deduct this amount from the credit card you've placed on file. If this is the case you'll be informed by when this has been processed. When hiring a car in Germany Bad Homburg you're able to bring along child seats provided that you purchased the seat within the EU or UK and it meets all of the necessary regulations.

You're also able to hire seat from the car hire provider on the extras of our website. If you intend to take the car across a border to a different country, be sure to check the conditions of rental for cross border fees and to let the car hire provider know. If you don't there is a possibility that you will not be insured if you're involved in an accident or the car is stolen.

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Sometimes it's daunting the first time you rent a car in a different country, just relax and you'll soon find yourself used to the differences. Have a great vacation. You're allowed to use your own child seats and booster seats for your car rental, so long as they meet all of the legal safety requirements for use in Bad Homburg. You will be offered the opportunity to include them with your rental when you make a booking on our website.

Child seats are paid for in the local currency when you collect the car. Although it's highly unusual for them to be unavailable, their availability is not guaranteed by most car rental companies in Bad Homburg. The hire car will already be fully covered for accidents and theft included in the hire price you will see displayed on our website.

Although all of our hire cars in Bad Homburg include CDW in the price displayed, there's usually an insurance excess, which is held on your credit card when you pick up the car.

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The excess is the amount you'd be liable to pay if the car is written off, severely damaged or stolen. The the excess on rental cars can be expensive. If the car is returned damaged, or it's stolen or written off, you'll have to pay up to the total amount of the excess. When you arrive to collect the rental car, the excess is held on your credit card as something called a 'pre authorised' transaction. Pre Auth means that the Free sex in bad homburg is not charged to your card as a regular transaction, it's held as a pending payment until you drop off the vehicle.

You won't normally pay foreign currency charges on credit cards for pre authorised transactions, so provided the car is dropped off in the same condition as when it was collected, the excess amount is fully refunded to your card without anything additional to pay.

If you plan to pay by debit card, the insurance excess will be taken from your bank and refunded when the car is dropped off. If you intend to use a debit card on collection, as the excess amount can be very high, we recommend to either buy Premium Cover on our website or to pay for top up cover at the collection desk. When you collect the car, you'll usually be asked to leave a deposit on a debit card or credit card.

Security deposits can vary Free sex in bad homburg dependent on the size of the vehicle and the excess. We compare all of the car hire options with a low security deposit and in some instances no deposit at all except for fuel.

Look out for deals on our website which include a free additional driver bundled into the price. Use the filters on the search to find bundled deals. It's also possible to add an additional driver on the extras before you driver details. Many of the vehicle rental providers we work with in Bad Homburg permit you to collect the vehicle in Bad Homburg and drop off the car at a different location.

If you've selected a different drop off location for the rental, the prices displayed on the website will include any extra fees for this. You will also see a breakdown of the additional charges on the payment. Limited mileage rentals in Bad Homburg can often be a cheaper option than unlimited.

When considering limited mileage rentals, the daily mileage limit will always be clearly visibile. If you decide to book a rental including limited mileage, you'll be charged an additional fee if you go above the daily mileage allowance. The total mileage allowance for the rental duration is calculated as the of hire days X the daily allowance. You don't have to stay within the daily limit on every day, as long as the total miles used during the rental doesn't exceed the of days X the daily allowance. When you opt for a limited mileage car hire, it's receommended to check the costs for excess mileage.

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You Free sex in bad homburg find these in our term and conditions. It's also possible to use the search filters on our website to find rental cars including unlimited mileage which can save you money if you're planning a longer journey. The rental cars on our website include a fair full to full fuel policy. To avoid additional charges for fuel always remember to fill up the tank before you drop off the vehicle.

We track prices from all of the leading car hire companies. Order your search by price to find the best price. Any other requirements at collection will be clearly explained in your booking confirmation. Car rentals in Bad Homburg Germany are usually fully insured with an excess amount.

You can either purchase Essential cover for the excess or choose Premium cover to reduce the excess amount to zero. We clearly explain all of the insurance details every step of the way. All of our rentals in Bad Homburg Germany include a full to full fuel policy. You'll collect the car with a full tank of fuel and be asked to leave a small deposit for fuel when you collect the car.

The deposit is refunded when you return the car with a full tank. We appreciate how intimidating choosing a car excess cover product can be. The charges that are included in the price of hiring a vehicle are often very confusing, these can include: The cost of hiring the vehicle Any extras e. Stress Free Car Rental offers three levels of car hire excess coverpremium, essential and basic and we help you find the hire car that suits you and your trip. You're able to view the details of these on the extras of the site when booking your rental.

Many car hire websites hide the price of insurance excess and security deposit prices in the terms and conditions. Customers are then shocked when the amount is taken from their debit card or the amount is held on their credit card. We think this is wrong and can really hinder your plans which is why we won't do that at Stress Free Car Rental. Pay with Visa, American Express or a Mastercard debit card or credit card provided by your bank or credit card company when hiring a car on our website.

One thing to think about when deciding if you want to use a debit card at the collection desk, car rental companies often block an excess on the lead drivers credit card, the credit card hold is often a considerable amount of moneyif you choose to pay with a debit card this can be debited from your bank and not returned until weeks following your rental has ended. It's ridiculously simple on our website to filter which car rental companies will accept debit card.

Just use the filters on the second to compare which car hire partners Free sex in bad homburg accept your preferred card type when you pick up the car. When you opt to include Basic or Essential Cover with your rental, this usually means that you'll be required to present a credit card in the name of the lead driver when you collect the car. You'll more often than not be given the opportunity to buy a top up policy by the rental company when you collect the car, this then allows you to use a debit card in the name of the lead driver.

Would you prefer us to allow you to pay with a method other than credit card or debit card?

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Do get in touch and let us know. We're always open to new ideas re how to improve the service we offer to make booking your car rental a Stress Free experience. Lots of the Bad Homburg Germany car rental partners we include on the website will accept a debit card when you collect the car; often these do have special terms and conditions associated to them.

Always be sure to review the terms and conditions if you want to use a debit card when you collect the car.

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