Hook up this morning

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As you lay in bed the next morning, waiting for him to wake up so you can take your leave, these thoughts have probably gone through your mind:. Should you wait a few more minutes and see if he wakes up? Ugh, what if his roommates are already up?

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OK, five more minutes. Is he going to brush his teeth?

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Oh hell, does your breath smell that bad? Please have a breath mint in your clutch. Should you just leave or be polite and hang around? Man, you also need to go grocery shopping and hit the gym. Why is he taking so long to wake up? Why is he still asleep? Should you nudge him and pray he wakes up so you can say goodbye and leave?

Is it super rude if you just peace out?

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All of your clothes are here sitting in a pile waiting for you to leave. Why are your underwear nowhere to be found… ever? Will he call you if he finds them? What if you leave him a note telling him how important they are to you? Should you keep starting at your phone saying a silent prayer to the Hook-Up Goddess for a text? Should you shut off your phone? You guess either way it was better than sitting at home with your cats watching Netflix. Oh well.

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Hook up this morning

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