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The word usage examples above have been gathered from various sources to reflect current and historial usage. They do not represent the opinions of YourDictionary. We often think of people or situations as positive or negative. But, did you know words can have the same effect? In the land of grammar, this is known as positive and negative connotation.

Our words can either empower people or tear them down. What do you say we choose the light? When we choose positivitythe burdens of life can untangle a little. All rights reserved. Home Sentence Seductive Seductive sentence example seductive. She looked seductiveno longer sweet. Dressed in the seductive clothing of Hell, her body's gentle shape appeared voluptuous, her narrow shoulders exposed, her round hips and breasts enhanced. Seductive bright strawberry and redcurrant mouthful, witha pinch of spice.

It plumps and hydrates lips with ingredients including natural oils and vitamin E for that perfect seductive look. Her eyes were shimmering with tears that only heightened her Hot ladies looking seduction appeal. She is seductive sensuousness, though also having in her a small spark of light. The errorists developed speculations and practical theories on the basis of the Old Testament law, which proved extremely seductive to many Christians. This soon caused a frenzy of stock-jobbing, which disturbed the stability of private fortunes and social positions, and depraved customs and manners with the seductive notion of easily obtained riches.

North Korea sees that Iran has been more dangerously seductive of late. There is also a very seductive look in her face. Possessing qualities of intense whiteness, translucency and strength, make it very seductive material to work with.

Jack Carver returns home when he is approached by a dangerous and seductive femme fatale. Terrorism gravely threatens international peace and security, and as a solution the power and apparent finality of force are seductive. She then meets the seductive Gregori, an arrogant yet darkly handsome Romanian who offers to help her find her father.

Jung's followers Despite the popular appeal of Jung's seductive elaborations about myths, generally they have failed to convince academic mythologists. Despite this, many people with MS will still find stem-cell therapy seductive. Even when riven by war, Burma was intensely seductivea country of magic.

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The complexity and visually seductive nature of computer graphics makes it easy to mislead viewers that there is rigorous science underlying it all. The idea that there is some form of objective truth is highly seductive -just look at how science is captivated by it. Mine, for some reason, has proved less seductive.

Brandy tears a slit up the side of her denim skirt in a vain attempt to look more seductive. I must admit i did like Armand it seemed more seductive than the rest. When allure is in motion, it reveals an instinctive body language and becomes naturally seductive. Yet, despite all this, it remains seductive to use a phrase like " reptile brain.

Whilst the polished surface has a seductivealmost sensual quality. Hot ladies looking seduction all-round holiday destination, Miami combines big city sophistication with seductive beaches. Being see through in all the right places you will look and feel like the seductive temptress you are! We are thrilled to introduce Gabrielle, a beautiful, exotic temptress with a seductiveenchanting charm. Angie Dickinson plays the accomplice who uses her seductive wiles to ensnare one of Walker's prey. Her contemporaries, scorning her low birth rather than her vices, attributed to her a malicious political role of which she was at heart incapable, and have done scant justice to her quick wit, her frank but gracious manners, and her seductive beauty.

She gave it up just because it was so powerfully seductive. Yet, despite all this, it remains seductive to use a phrase like reptile brain. Roger, the man driving the car responsible for her memory lapse, has a cool seductive charm Angela finds irresistible. And do n't forget the seductive vocals of Sarah Ramey. But, whispers a seductive voice, why not bang them up, just to be on the safe side?

Will it make the most of those seductive curves I know lovers can't resist? Fraser 's vocals slide in seductive tones over tumbling dolorous chords, delicately spinning out ethereal melodies. What was has hard as wood when a young wine in France has become a big seductive South American beauty in its newest setting.

They also manage to be quite seductive in a hypnotic, vampire way, helped by some stunning costume de. Angie Dickinson plays the accomplice who uses her seductive wiles to ensnare one of Walker 's prey. Great technology is seductivebut it can also be illusory-it creates the illusion that tech brilliance translates directly into product sales. Sometimes, perfectionism is just an excuse to delay a product's release and it's a seductive one, because fixing perceived or real problems feels like an essential task.

Decide whether you want to create a fun and festive atmosphere in your game Hot ladies looking seduction or a dark, seductive feel that is reminiscent of a night club. A seductive and elegant scent, it includes notes in musk, vetiver and lily to create a soft feminine fragrance. Whether girly shimmer or seductive smokiness is your preferred look, your eyes are sure to impress when you follow these prom makeup tips.

This blend is a limited edition selection from a burgeoning collection of seductive fragrances by one of the world's most beloved actors. More than just a familiar face on the big screen, he is also the man behind Antonio Banderas Seductive Fragrances, a collection of scents inspired by his childhood interest in perfume.

The original Diavolo for Men is described by Banderas as "the most intense aspect of my seductive side. Deep, dramatic and rich, it is a woodsy, heady blend that characterizes the charming mystique of the Hot ladies looking seduction male, and is marketed primarily to young men. Though similar in many ways, this scent offers a richer, more seductive finish that appeals to a broader age group. If the original was about being softly seductive and alluring, this limited edition version is bolder and more flirtatious.

It's no wonder that with her gorgeous looks and creative eye for beauty, Rhianna's makeup is a popular look for women seeking her fresh faced, yet seductive style. It is, however, about a sweet, seductive woman - an ode to romance, perhaps, and the magic that it promises. Soft light smoothes out unattractive lines, and soft shadows create an alluring, seductive atmosphere. Whether the shots are of seductive women in bikinis or close-ups of a girl's sultry eyes, every aspect of female photography is in huge demand.

When people hear the term "female photography" most automatically think of nude or semi-nude images of buxom women striking seductive poses. The refreshing mint and sparkling water can be quite seductive on a tropical night. Ruby: Seductive red hues that symbolize love and joy as well as strong personalities. Who says only a size eight model deserves to feel seductive and sultry?

Sheer imported Italian lace make this unlined bra sheer and seductive. Feel sexy and seductive whether it's a night on the town or an intimate dinner for two wearing an evening bustier for plus size women. It will flatter your figure and showcase your curves making you feel glamorous and seductive. The front zipper closure adds a seductive touch to this elegant look. Sweet and seductivethis bustier from Hips and Curves has the look of total feminine charm.

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A full figured woman will show off her curves and enjoy the feeling of seductive sexiness every time she wears her evening bustier for plus size ladies. You don't have to prance around in front of your ificant other if you don't want to; try wearing a pair of seductive panties to work, underneath your conservative clothes, to get a feel for them. When shopping for garter panties, one thing that's very apparent is that they're meant to be seductive. If this is what you're looking for, be aware that some queen size gowns are available with a matching negligee to provide an added layer of seductive charm.

From lovely panties and chemise slips to elegant camisole sets and nightwear, silk lingerie makes you feel sexy, seductive and special. The Padded Cleavage Bra, for example, is seductive in a shade of rich wine and champagne pink embroidery. Some styles are done to attract attention and are sexy and seductive. A rich, seductive crimson practically screams "night out," while a more understated maroon or rusty red might be better suited to the office. Simple to make and simple to play, the game pits the player against a seductive woman - really, just a photograph - and rewards him or her for successful play by causing the woman to strip off her clothes, item by item.

In Oregon it goes by the Pinot Gris tag, and they are solid white wines with seductive appeal of spiciness, aromatics, and melon or pear fruit flavors. The Hot ladies looking seduction adds femininity, with melon and floral attributes and some other oddball but seductive bits. Another hockey commercial opens with seductive music and a woman sprinkling rose petals while wearing a French maid costume. Peer pressure can be extremely strong and seductive. It's no wonder the brand's name is just a cute play on the word " seductive "!

Whether you prefer a casual, sporty, or seductive look, you're sure to find a pair that fits your needs.

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Bikini Swimsuit from Shoreline: Once in a while, a bikini comes along that is so seductiveso alluring that your eyes simply can't decide where to land first! The overall effect is at once innocent and seductive ; you'll look brilliant in this swimsuit! On her Website, you'll find a bevy of images, all of which feature the fit Hot ladies looking seduction in the most seductive of poses wearing the bare minimum of what passes for a swimsuit.

A Malibu String bikini is one that is daring, sexy and seductive. While it may sound strange, the truth of the matter is that the overall effect is one that is highly seductive! Serena Williams in a white swimsuit, seductive poses and all, is no accident. Today, it's not at all difficult to find monokinis that are sultry and seductive. Beyond that, the sensual teardrop shape and matching wrap serve to make this one very beautiful and seductive bikini. In fact, if you are searching for sexy and seductive swimwear, it's hard to beat this well-known bikini company.

We all want to look appropriately seductivebut may not know how to pull it off. Off the shoulder tops instantly add a seductive touch to any outfit. However, many cut out dresses are blatantly seductive and fashion forward, and ballet flats only serve to kill the avant-garde nature of this trend. There is a huge selection of costumes with seductive appeal. From the seductive innocence of an alluring angel costume to the over-the-top sexiness of a French maid or sexy nurse outfit, there are many different hot costumes available.

Mermaids have long been thought to be sexy and seductiveand there are many costumes available portraying the siren side of the tailed beauties. For a selection of traditional papier mache masks, go to Masks and Make Believe, which has a wide selection of handcrafted masks, including seductive animal faces, jesters, Pinocchios and masks decorated with feathers and be.

Hot ladies looking seduction

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