I would like to have a relationship

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Evaluate their actions. Ask yourself: Does this person treat me like a friend?

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If they actually like you, there should be some type of friendliness there. Does this person support me? Providing them with a safe, non-judgmental space will make it easier for your crush to open up to you—whether that means delving into past relationship failures or commitment issues. The moment you let go of the reins and spout off about something he or she did in the past is the moment that door of trust will close.

Truly loving someone means accepting their flaws. This will send them running. Instead, show them that you care by being patient — this means slowing things down on your end, too. Really ask yourselves if they are a good match for you, and if not, give yourself the space you need to get over them.

Self-care may look different for each individual, the should be the same— love and respect for oneself. Respecting yourself means accepting who you are as a person, including the things you do and do not like about yourself.

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Once you accept yourself in all of your amazing glory, others will begin to respect you, too — along with your desire for a serious relationship. The first step to setting boundaries with someone else is figuring out the boundaries you have for yourself. Ask yourself: What do I expect from myself? What do I want to give others? What do I want others to give me? What am I comfortable with? At what point do I not feel like this is an equal partnership?

Not to mention heartbreak, insecurity, and disillusionment.

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No good decision is made out of desperation. If you feel this way, then you need to be single. This next thing she said really got us:. When you change something about yourself for others, you feel even more alone. And those feelings will quickly catch up with you, believe me. The answer is NO.

Remember our little talk about happiness and self-fulfillment? That applies here. And, yes, someone will love you just the way you are. And it always, always ends in heartbreak. Sometimes, people just want to sleep with someone whom they know wants a serious relationship with them and is crazy about them.

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Pretty messed up, right? This is another instance in which you should set boundaries.

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Focus on you, and find someone who makes you feel confident, supported, and appreciated.

I would like to have a relationship

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