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s: [ 1 ] 2. TheCat Hero Member Posts: I wish the reporter would've asked Charlie Latham how a naturalist beach isn't "family friendly". However, there is no reason why there shouldn't be nude friendly beaches up by Hanna State Park or down near Guana River Preserve beaches.

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Those are arguably the best beaches, are the most "natural" in terms of natural environment, and aren't in controversial areas where crowds form. This seems to be how it is in most places CA and OR coast are filled with nude beaches, just not in the middle of the most crowded "family-friendly" or wealthy areas. CityLife Hero Member Posts: The comments on the MJ FB about this are quite amusing.

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There is no way the people proposing this actually believe they can get a 1 mile nude beach approved. I don't think Miami Beach's popular and well known nude beach is anywhere close to that size.

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Getting a 2 or 3 block stretch approved would be a lot more realistic even then probably a long shot. Quote from: finehoe on May 27,PM. Scarlettjax Full Member Posts: It's been a while - I don't know if it's still going on, but for years there was a informal nude beach about a couple of miles south from Mickler's Landing. We used to ride in our Jeeps from the Landing known then as Crossro down to Vilano and there was a gay beach you passed first, then the nude beach.

I have no idea where people parked to get to either one, but you could drive on the beach then so maybe all concerned simply drove down to those locations. The St. Johns County deputies appeared to pretty much ignore all that in their patrols - but were really tough on any alcohol related violations.

They'd search any coolers you had on board or on the beach.

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Trust me, neither one appeared from the Jeep as a place you'd want to get anything but some extra sun! Never saw a bit of "depravity. Jaxson Hero Member Posts: The comments posted by our esteemed locals do not surprise me one bit. The Jacksonville Florida nude beaches tone of many of the comments would have us believe that the real danger to our society lies in merely seeing ourselves in our birthday suits.

The comments range from those who are out to protect children from the perversion of the human body without clothes to those who would rather consume their own vomit than be subjected to seeing nude people who do not happen to be college-age flat bellies ageism much? It amazes me how much of our community is driven by fear of what we do not understand. Ieast Hero Member Posts: Well most always complain about being more 'cosmopolitan' in Jax, so here you go, mini South Florida.

I, you've never been to ikea. Or, you would not describe a store that sells 3 dozen meatballs for 99 cents as snooty. If they really want "family friendly", deal with the crack selling and pain pill pushing out in the open. Nudity is minor. However the thought of a 72 year old over cooked grandma in her topless Brazilian thong is enough to elicit an evacuation order.

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