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When it comes to helping people find love, Kim Quick, a professional dating and relationship expert, is cheerfully optimistic. Her own love life did not go exactly as she had planned. At 40, she was a practicing CPA working for large corporations when she found out the man she was dating was engaged. So she started immersing herself in seminars and events geared toward creating healthy relationships.

Quick said she initially got into coaching when she participated in personal development courses to help herself. She would volunteer to coach as the courses, in the form of webinars, went on through the online Radical Coaching Co. When people would thank her for making a difference in their lives, Quick said, the feedback fueled her desire to get a certificate as a performance coach. Quick, a Laguna Niguel resident, then graduated from the Irvine-based Landmark Education Team Management and Leadership Program and felt ready to launch a career as a dating and relationship expert. She has been coaching for three years and last year created the Forever Love Formula, her five-step program for finding love that she delivers to clients in phone conferences, and the Get Ready for Love, a six-week online course that provides further tips and guidance.

Her methods are intended to mainly help a woman find love with a man, she said, but men may also apply the formula, with one change. They need to flip the method of communication with women. Men and women communicate differently, she said, so if a woman wants something, she will often request it without sounding demanding.

Men are conditioned to listen actively and assume a woman who initiates conversations is seeking his advice or assistance. Quick said her goal during coaching sessions with women is to help them understand that they are standing in their own way in creating a relationship when they hold on to negative feelings or thoughts. The coach says a woman first must be clear with herself about what she wants in a man, separating the negotiables from the non-negotiables.

The next moves are to stop complaining about relationship frustrations and instead make a strategic plan for Los Angeles pilot seeking relationship a quality man, and then release past hurts and self-sabotaging actions, which will boost confidence.

The final stage is for a woman to open up to her more feminine side, Quick said, explaining that when a man gives a woman a compliment, Los Angeles pilot seeking relationship should receive it gracefully. We never compromise our values and what is important to us as a woman or not take care of ourselves first. My advice to be in your feminine and more softer side is that women have gone a little too far over the other side, and we have to bring back that balance of still honoring yourself and honoring a man also.

Quick said other positive lifestyle changes have emerged from the formula, noting clients who got raises, lost weight and created a new life for themselves. Jaime Becktal, a former client who lives in Colorado, said she had first met Quick through Landmark Education a few years ago in Irvine.

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She bought a plane ticket to Ireland to pursue a possible career in travel writing, and upon her return, she accepted a job working with a team of writers at a local college. Quick can be reached through f oreverloveformula. Before ing those publications, she was an award-winning journalist at the Orange County Register, where for seven years she helped cover retail, civil and criminal trials, philanthropic events and home and garden features. She received her literary journalism degree from UC Irvine. Facebook Twitter Show more sharing options Share Close extra sharing options.

Looking for love in all the wrong places? Relationship guru has a five-step plan to find the perfect partner Laguna Niguel resident Kim Quick created Forever Love Formula, a system helping women find love. By Kathleen Luppi. She got engaged last year.

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He has brown hair and blue eyes and is clean-shaven. Kathleen Luppi.

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