Love is to be worship

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Growing up I would spend hours singing in my room. It was like nothing else mattered.

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At that moment the atmosphere would be so electrified and I experience His love for me all over again. The more you worship the more you will see how much you still need to change to become the perfect bride for Him. We are imperfect beings, but we need to strive to the perfect will of God. I was asked once to a certain group and I rejected the offer. Yes, I rejected.

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Do I regret it? He is a big God and words fail me to express just how much He means to me.

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His my life, my all and the only way I felt I can give to Him is by worshipping Him. To be able to express my love to Him in worship. I was the quiet one. Today, I am leading the worship in our own church with my husband when He ministers, because see God knows our beginning from thee end.

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And the best part is, we are worshippers. We found ourselves worshiping in the car while we driving and basically everywhere we found ourselves.

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God is there and His the only one we want there that moment and time. A love relationship with your first love.

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Love is to be worship

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Worship as an act of loving God