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Being in an on-again-off-again relationship can be really exhausting. It can make you feel insecure, upset and frustrated. And over time, it can really affect how you feel about each other as people. There are a variety of reasons why you might end up repeatedly breaking up and getting back together. You may then find that being apart is harder than you were expecting, and decide to get back together.

However, the sticking point may remain unresolved, and eventually become a source of conflict again.

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Alternatively, the cycle of breaking up and getting back together again may be symptomatic of difficulties properly talking problems through. The problem with this kind of cycle is that it can be really destructive to your relationship. When you go through an experience as stressful and upsetting as breaking up repeatedly, it can really affect how you think and feel about each other. The short answer is: talk things through in a proper, constructive way. Talking to a counsellor might seem like a strange or unwelcome step, but it can really make a huge difference. A counsellor can help you break out of unhealthy cycles of behaviour by giving you a space to discuss things calmly and constructively.

They can act as a referee for the conversation — allowing both people to get their point across, and encouraging each to listen to what the other has to say.

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Find the right time. Go outside. Sometimes changing your surroundings can change your thinking. Talk in terms of your feelings. Tone can make a really big difference too so try not to be too sharp with each other. Take a time out if you need one.

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Sometimes, conversations can get heated. It might be that you take five minutes, or just park things to talk about the next day.

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The short answer is: not necessarily. And if so — brilliant. But if you find that hearing each other out is allowing you work together much better, then the benefits will easily outweigh the work. You are here Home Relationship help Help with relationships Arguing and conflict On again, off again relationships. On again, off again relationships. How does this kind of situation develop? What can you do to avoid this? Will talking solve our problems?

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Experts Explain How To Break The Cycle Of An On-Again, Off-Again Relationship