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On the way to Philly I knew I had to try out this spot. I was in a New York state of mind as a Billy Joel fan. As other reviewers have noted, it is not aesthetically pleasing at all. But a similar type of set-up in Las Vegas Showgirl Video is much more skeezy! But all said, if you have never been to a live peep New jersey carnival strip club Bring some singles to feed into the machine and watch a over-the-hill entertainer flash her New jersey carnival strip club.

It's what our forefathers would have wanted. It's a veritable rite of passage for perverts. So, after the novelty wore off, I took a couple laps around the booths o' girls. Mid-week afternoons are certainly not A-list; two AA dancers and two white girls.

The white girls were average; however, a pierced and tatted angel by the name of Cherry was pick of the litter. I inquired about the arrangement at this Carnival and she was happy to oblige. I asked about a private dance and she led me toward the small wood-paneled room. She did not offer the menu prior to our going in, so I was unsure as to the mileage. She mentioned that guys come here to come. I was pleasantly surprised with her encouraging me to give her access to my unit with no mention of tipping levels. She was my uptown girl that day, and she has certainly got a talent singing into the mic.

Cherry suggested I see her doggie or Greek. But given her way of singing me. After striking out at Cheerleaders, I headed just down the road to Carnival to improve my batting average. Let's not mince words - the place is a dive - but it's also a sure thing if you want to feel good. The staff does seem to keep the place clean - bleach solution and all - which is a plus. The girls sit in booths with curtains generally drawn closed, and you're supposed to go to the back of the booth, put a dollar in a machine, then talk to the girl to decide if you might want to go back with them.

Since the place is so run down, I have yet to actually use one of the dollar machines to talk to a girl - instead, you just open the front door and talk to them through that. There were only a couple of girls working when I was there.

The cutest by a wide margin was Daisy, and she was parked in the booth closest to the front of the store. I told her it was nice to meet her but I would "shop around" first. Back to Daisy, we were about to head back, when the manager told me that she had just been spoken for, but I could go next. I wasn't quite sure what to do at this point - stay or leave - but decided to stay. How long could it take, right? There isn't really anything to do while you wait but loiter around the adult novelty shop.

I've never seen so many dildos in one place. I was in the area and aftsr reading the reviews of this place, I decided to give it a try. It was my first time, and my last. The club has been described quite a bit, so I'm not going to get into that. It is not a typical club. It reminds me of some of the places with peep shows in Europe, but in a lot worse condition.

When I went in, the girl were giving a stage show. You go into a little closet, close the door, pay a dollar, and a curtain covering a small window opens letting you see the girl dancing. This girl was ok.

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The dance was robotic and lame at best. She didn't take any part of her clothes off, which was a major disappointment. After she was done, I asked if I could get a private damce.

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She looked at me as if I was speaking Chinese because she just stared at me. After I asked again, she said sure. She took me to a bigger closet that had a mini stage and a mirror, a chair, and a waste basket. She proceeded to take her top off and leave her bottom. Then she did one of the worst dances on the stage. There was nothing offered so I just let her finish and left. The other three girls were really bad looking. I'll never return. After checking out Venus in Philadelphia and walking away because of the low mileage and high price, I drove across the river into NJ, knowing that I'd find a lot more mileage and a lower price at the Carnival Bookstore.

I've been here several times before and have always managed to have a good time for a fairly reasonable price. This time, I waited around for a while, checking out the girls in their little booths and spending a dollar on an uninspiring peepshow. Finally, I made my choice and Amber and I made our New jersey carnival strip club to a cubicle for our private dance. I chose the middle of the three and we got down to business. Amber is an attractive white woman with brown hair and has big, natural tits in the DD range and a gorgeous pussy with big, meaty lips.

She took her time and sucked me slowly and fingered her pussy until she came, with my cock in her mouth, which was what I really needed to finish up, too. While the Carnival Bookstore is neither posh, not quite as affordable as other places that I go from time to time, I do enjoy the old-school sleaziness of the place, which reminds me of some of the old Places in Manhattan that gave me such a thrill when I was a younger man. Stop by and give the place - and Amber - a try. As others have described this is a little different set up.

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You walk in and the girls are in little phone booths. So, no hanging out and getting wound up like at a strip club but the private dances are very private and good mileage. I have been twice and both times girls ranged from I don't see any real stunners working here but both times there was at least one who was cute enough for me. Upside is that it costs nothing to see who is available.

Downside is that there are only a few girls and, if it is busy, you might have to wait to see the full rotation. One girl told me shift change was so might avoid that hour. Upstairs is an old-fashioned porn theater. One large screen and then smaller side area. There was literally no one in there when I went in. I woul I've been coming in here a for awhile now doing different shows with different girls. I've realized that the cheaper girls are the ones offering services without providing protection. What kind of working girls do that?? Ones that are already dirty. I'll break the bank to have a cleaner time.

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New jersey carnival strip club

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