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VC for Business Affairs VC for Financial Affairs Code Ann. Edit web. Board of Trustees Meeting Dates. Board of Trustees - University of Arkansas. Computing Resources Use and Allocation. IT Services Supported Software. University Development. Accommodations for Disabilities — Employment, Programs and Services.

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Disabled Persons Van Service. Diverse Recruiting. Export Control Compliance. Graphic Identity. Protection of Human Subjects in Research. Inclement Weather Policy. Weather Emergency Procedure.

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Legal Services Charges. Policy for Naming Opportunities. Permission to Print Publications for External Use. National Development Council By-Laws. Official Functions Policy. Policy Development — Fayetteville Policies and Procedures. Program Listings and Codes. Public Information and Media Relations. Protection of Minors on Campus. Retention of Records Records Retention Guidelines. University Response Team. Secure Passwords and Passphrases. Solicitation Programs. Sponsorship Acknowledgement on Web Sites.

University of Arkansas Foundation, Inc. University of Arkansas Foundation Expenditure Guidelines. UARKnet Organization. Weapons Policy Appendix University Web Sites and Online Communications. University Website Privacy. Determining Philanthropic Gifts versus Sponsored Grants. Abatement Procedure for Uncollectible s Receivable. Agency Funds. Airplane Usage Costs--University Airplanes. Non-University Owned Aircraft. Bond Payments. Capitalization of Intangible Assets. Carry Forward at Year End. Collateralization Guidelines. Payment Card Processing.

Payment Card Security. Payment Card Incident Response.

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Payment Card Policies Glossary. Data Classification. Data Management, Use and Protection. Acquisition of Enterprise Systems. Direct Cost Policy. Independent Contractors vs. Employee Relationship. Imprest Funds. Installment Payment Plan for Tuition and Fees. University Equipment.

Property ability. Investment Policy — Operating Funds. Lab Breakage Fees. Meter Mail Guidelines and U. Postal Regulations.

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Campus Mail Information. Outstanding Checks. Undeliverable Paychecks and Final Compensation. Payroll Check Fee for Lost Check. Payroll Deadlines. Payroll Deductions. Direct Deposit of Pay. Pre-Payment and Deferred Payment Policy. Prizes and Awards. Property Transfer—Sponsored Projects. Property Transfer - Non-Sponsored Programs. Retired Faculty Budgeting Process. Returned Payments. Salary Overpayments. Salary Overpayments—Guidelines on Invoicing. Sponsored Programs — Financial Responsibility.

Transaction Approval. Transit and Parking Charter Operations. Travel Advances. Travel Administrators. Indirect Cost Recovery Distribution. Advertising of University Positions. Background Checks and Substance Abuse Testing. Budget Adjustments for Vacant Classified Positions.

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Compensatory Time. Effort Certification. Tickets - Employee Discount for Athletic Tickets. Employing Nonresident Alien Faculty and Staff. Evacuation of Buildings. Unit Pay Policy. Guidelines on Taxable Fringe Benefits. Half-Time Status for Graduate Students. Keys for University Buildings and Rooms.

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s and Certifications—University Payment. Notification Procedures in Case of Breach of Privacy. Line Item Salary Maximum. Moving Expenses. Performance Evaluation.

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Permanent Residence for Nonresident Alien Employees. Nursing Support for Working Mothers Ark. Retiree Status. Vehicle Safety Belt Policy.

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