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Pflugerville Stigma — please help me understand. Hi All, Can anyone help me understand the stigma associated with Pflugerville? Granted, in Pflugerville we did look more in subdivisions like Falcon Pointe and Blackhawk — but when I look at where Pflugerville is located physically, I would think with the growth continuing to take place in greater Austin that this would be a great area.

So your honesty here would be greatly appreciated. I didn't know there was a particular stigma attached to Pflugerville - I lived there for over a year when I first moved to the Austin area. When I lived there, it didn't seem so far out of the way, but now that I've lived closer in for several years, my perception has changed.

I would never live there again, but then I would never want to live in Cedar Park or Round Rock either. Culturally, they are just different areas from central Austin. For people with children in school or who otherwise want to live kinda out of the way from central Austin, I imagine it would be great. I'm not familiar with Pflugerville, but I love the name! Really, I want to go visit there because I have heard so many positive things about it in this forum.

Traditionally anything East of I has been frowned on because that is where most of the industry, airport Sex chat room pflugerville, air force base, and poor neighborhoods were located. Also soil conditions clay and the flat terrain was not as attractive.

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Today some of that is changing. Its definitely not true anymore up NE of Austin. Round Rock has a good reputation for family oriented life styles. That same prejudice Sex chat room pflugerville to exist towards South Austin. After the Civil War South Austin housed the prison camps and quarantine camps during epidemics were set up in S. Austin, access across the river was controlled. When the state capital was built, the prison camps that quarried some of the stone for it were set up at Convict Hill in Oak Hill.

It's just a perceived stigma. Little to no truth about it. There are lots of decent, hardworking people in Pflugerville. Like THL says often, some people just have to have a "right side of the tracks" mentality. Just going by these boards most people would think there were only 2 neighborhoods in all of Austin Everything else is a dark, empty void. If going by certain opinions, the only school district in Central Texas is Eanes. I can respect that people have their preferences, and many just like different geographical differences and can afford the higher prices in those areas or like something about that area, which is fine and they usually state it without slamming or discounting other parts of town.

But there are definitely the ones who harbor some kind of dislike and go above and beyond just saying they don't like someplace and then call all the people who live there undesirable, lowlife, hillbilly or some other such nonsense. Some of those people have probably never gone anywhere East of 35, or not actually gotten off of 35 and driven all around those areas and then judge the whole place by what it looks like from the freeway.

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From what I know, Pflugerville has good schools and right now is growing and getting some new businesses in town. Not to mention, your two points.

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Closer to Austin and close to the airport, two things I know to be benefits and sometime after the economy straightens out and things start booming again, will be a bonus. HappyTexan lives in Pflugerville. Maybe he'll chime in and give his point of view. Pf suffers because of its location. Take a short drive down Dessau Lane, and you are in an area with one of the highest crime rates in the area. And that seems to be spreading North. It's also fueled by the abundance of inexpensive homes in Pflugerville. I think that it is one of the areas that is getting worse rather than better. Every town I've lived in has locals that look down, for whatever reason, on one part of town or the other.

Sometimes areas can't shake a stigma from years back, other times it may be a caveat worth checking, but more often than not, it seems there is always someone who has to put down another area so theirs just seems better.

Check the towns and subdivisions out carefully then do what is best for you and yours. I've never lived anywhere and found that everyone I meet thinks I live in a "good" area And to tell the truth, there are always a of areas in cities where Sex chat room pflugerville lived that I didn't consider to be as 'good' as mine. Good luck!

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I disagree with mm But, I do agree with Austin-Steve. The area you speak of mm has been there forever. Been here since I don't like what it's become but I loved what it was. Then again I moved out in the county for a reason and the fact that Pflugerville didn't have a lot of big box retail didn't bother me one bit as I shop local whenever possible and don't need retail within a 5 minute drive.

The sad ironic part is the Wallymart is on part of the town namesake's land But most of the prime Blackland Prairie farmland has been bulldozed and cemented over and the gentle rolling hills of Pflugerville are dotted with asphalt shingles as far as the eye can see. Even back in Pflugerville had a stigma and RR was "the place" to be for family. Sorry Love Roses, but back then Hutto wasn't even talked about. Please register to post and access all features of our very popular forum. It is free and quick. Additional giveaways are planned. Detailed information about all U.

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Sex chat room pflugerville

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