Sexy red head looking for fun

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Are you a hot-headed redhead or a come-hither ginger?

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Your fiery locks are more than just a trademark — they may impact everything from your sex life to your tolerance for pain. Perhaps we pick on Pippi Longstockings because of the minority factor redhe only make up about 2 to 6 percent of the U. Red hair and light skin can be a killer combo, literally. According to a study published in the journal Molecular Cell, gingers are at elevated risk for developing melanomathe deadliest form of skin cancer.

An analysis of both mice and cells led scientists to identify that those with red hair lack another gene, PTEN, that usually goes hand-in-hand with MC1R and is known to suppress tumors.

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According to Dr. Additionally, the mutated MC1R gene interacts with another mutated gene, BRAF, that is more widely known to promote cancer development. The study, which was conducted by researcher Werner Habermehl, PhD, from the Hamburg Research Institute in Germany, looked at the sex lives and hair color of hundreds of German women. Habermehl said in a press release. Why are redhe having all the fun?

There could be a of explanations, cognitive scientist and personality psychologist Scott Barry Kaufman, PhD, wrote on PsychologyToday. Color psychologists also say that red provokes and arouses people more than any other color.

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Perhaps redhe just know how to get our blood boiling. Redhe may curse the pale complexion that often accompanies their cherry tresses, but scientists have found that fair skin has an important anti-disease property. It soaks up more vitamin Dwhich is essential for bone health and preventing osteoporosis.

Some researchers believe it may also boost immunity and help prevent some cancers and autoimmune diseases. This sort of thing could have a very big evolutionary impact.

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Researchers at Duke University compared the reaction of melanin the skin pigment that darkens in the sun to UV light exposure in both redhe and people with darker hair, and they found that it took less energy to create potentially cancer-causing free radicals in people with red locks meaning a higher cancer risk. According to a Harvard study, people with red hair have a nearly 90 percent higher risk for the neurological disorder, which causes progressive difficulties with balance and coordination.

Stop being so sensitive, carrot tops — to physical pain, that is. Turns out, redhe are thin-skinned when it comes to pain tolerance. According to research published in the Journal of the American Dental Associationpeople with red hair tend to have more dental-office phobias because of their resistance to pain blockers like Novocain. The researchers warned dental professionals that they may want to pay extra attention to their rosy-haired patients. Despite a long-running rumor that redhe deserve a spot on the endangered species list, gingers are here to stay. Health Topics.

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Health Tools. Medically Reviewed.

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Melanoma Risk for Redhe. Redhe Have More Sex. Redhe Are More Sensitive to Pain. Redhe Shun the Dentist.

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Redhe Are Not Going Extinct.

Sexy red head looking for fun

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