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Are you in your 60s and single? Whether you find yourself solo by choice or by chance, embrace your independence! There were just over 40 million adults ages 65 and older inrepresenting 13 percent of the U. That percentage is expected to increase to 20 percent inwhen the entire Baby Boomer generation will be 65 or older. America is getting older, much older — and it is also becoming more single. The same Census data revealed that single persons made up more than half of the population in 27 of the 50 states and that 34 million people 28 percent of the U. More Americans are living alone and liking it.

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Life does not require a partner to participate. And — they are far from lonely or isolated.

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Solos tend to be a caring, social bunch. The reality is that most Americans will spend more time solo than in a married or committed relationship over their lifetimes, and especially as they grow older.

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If you are navigating your 60s alone, this is Single sassy sixty your time — whether you are retired or still working. Make it all about you. Plan for your financial and emotional goals. Create a strong sense of community so that you have a social, emotional or caregiving support network when you need one. Retiring solo — and growing older in general — is all about choices. Most importantly, it is about choosing to begin. Regardless of what your life may be like right now, you have the power to make choices that improve it. My new book, Retiring Solooutlines how to plan for a happy, healthy, independent future that includes good health, friends and community.

It focuses on the benefits of being solo. Your days are yours to plan and enjoy. You can eat what you want, when you want and with whomever you want. You have confidence that comes with age and experience. You can travel when and where you want to.

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And you can be messy or neat. You can spend as little or as much time as you want with friends, dating or gloriously alone. As a result, you no longer need to care about the Joneses and what they have, or what other people may think. You have confidence in yourself and you are happy. You may even be sassy.

Embrace your single, 60 self and get ready to have your best year ever. You can make anything that you want it to be.

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Remember: The choice is yours — and yours alone — to make. What do you like about being single in your 60s?

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Do you find yourself spending more time with other women who are in the same situation? What advice would you offer to someone who is in their 60s and newly single? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments section.

Tags How to Deal with Loneliness. Lori Martinek is a successful entrepreneur, author and mentor to new and aspiring business owners. Her latest book, Retiring Solo is available on Amazon.

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Single sassy sixty

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