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Land leagues - oath-bound secret societies - sprang up in various parts of the country in the s under various names. The "White Boys" were the best-known, the name arising out of the K. They waged war on enclosures, rack-rents, and in particular, local evictions.

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Oakboys - the public ro in Ireland were repaired by the labor of the householder, who was compelled by law to give 6 days labor a year. They complained that the rich were free of the regulation. They were met by a counter association called the Defenderswhose name is self-explanatory.

At length the latter became partly absorbed into the United Irishmen of the rebellion of After that time they were revived as Ribbonmen. Since the Union a variety of other "societies" have existed independent of any avowed political object. Not one of these societies was influenced by or was deed to influence Religion; the sole object of their jurisdiction is land. Jurors would not convict, murders were rife, and intimidation almost universal.

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The Irish Catholic had no trust in the law or administration of justice. The Rev. William O'Brien, a pastor in Co. Cork, put the case simply and bluntly: "If you tell an Irishman that he will receive justice in a court, no matter what your religion is, he will not believe you.

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The people established a rude rump government for their protection against the "landlord's law. The use of "Ribbonism" to characterize the rural disturbances was common, but it was not a precise description. The accurate name for local organized violent resistance was Whiteboyism, derived from the prototype of the Munster peasant uprising in Whiteboyism assumed various local titles in the several parts of Ireland Probably the most familiar in the U.

George Cornewall Lewis gave the most perceptive interpretation of this indigenous Irish institution in his book, On Local Disturbances in Ireland : 2 "The Whiteboy association may be considered as a vast trades union for the protection of the Irish peasantry: the object being not to regulate the rate of wages, or the hours of work, but to keep the actual occupant in possession of his land.

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Find Info -In. Clarke Historical Library. Toggle. White Boys and Other Vigilante Groups. Content.

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